Wish list: Camping gadgets 2019


Powertraveller Solar Adventurer ​

Gadgets can be an excellent addition to any outdoor venture, but keeping them charged can be difficult. The Solar Adventurer, however, can solve your power problems with help from the Sun. Weighing only 265 grams, this portable dual solar panel charger has a five-volt, 600-milliamp output, incorporating a 3,500-milliamp-hour internal lithium polymer battery. Capable of completely charging a smartphone one to two times, the Solar Adventurer is a great way to stay connected while in the wilderness. Price: £74 / approx. $100




If you’re a keen survivalist or a cautious camper, LifeStraw is the perfect addition to your rucksack. Drinkable water can be limited when trekking through the great outdoors. However, LifeStraw has been created to make any brook, stream or river a viable resource. Thanks to a series of microscopic filters, bacteria and parasites are blocked from entering the mouth when drinking straight from a water source. Price: £25 / $19.95



goTenna MESH

Phone signal can be hard to come by when trekking across mountains or hiking through woodlands. That is, of course, unless you’ve got the goTenna MESH. Through the goTenna app, it can pair with your phone via Bluetooth and enable your phone to communicate with other MESH users at point-to- point ranges of up to 6.4km. Price: approx. £140 / $179



AKASO EK7000 Pro

Taking 4K snapshots, this compact camera is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity. Picture perfect, the EK7000 has in-built image stabilisation to create smooth videos at 1080P/60fps. This pocket-sized professional can also face off against wild weather and plunge to the watery depths of up to 40 metres, thanks to the new and improved waterproof case. Price: £79.99 / $74.99 



CampStove 2

Creating a fire from scratch can be a challenge, as can finding power for your gadgets while out camping. BioLite has created a device to solve both of those problems with the CampStove 2. Turning fire into electricity, the CampStove 2 uses wood fuel and patented combustion technology to create a vortex of flames, while a thermoelectric generator produces three watts of power to charge your devices. Price: approx. £129.95 / $129.95



Outdoor Sports F30

Every camping kit needs a good torch to see you through the night, and Varta’s Outdoor Sports F30 is a heavy-duty torch that fits the bill with its five-watt LED. Shock and water resistant, this anodised aluminium torch can handle the elements while still lighting the path ahead for up to 141 metres. Price: From £32.99 / approx. $45



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