Wonders of wildlife on the web

world of animals

If you’re forever watching wildlife documentaries, reading books about animals and going off the beaten track just to catch a glimpse of creatures in their native habitat, you really need to check out our sister website: www.animalanswers.co.uk. For animal lovers it’s the perfect way to kill some time and, better still, learn something new in the process.
It is overbrimming with fascinating insights into the animal kingdom, offering explanations to some of nature’s greatest mysteries, including why certain species swarm and how camels turn fat into water. For those more interested in the biology of beasts and how they differ from us, there are plenty of in-depth cutaways and illustrations, looking at the inner workings of everything from pigs to scorpions. If all that wasn’t enough, the website also offers the opportunity to upload your own amazing wildlife pictures. The very best photos will be published in World of Animals magazine and you could even win yourself a free subscription to the magazine for a year! So if wildlife is your passion, what are you waiting for? Head over to www.animalanswers.co.uk now to reconfirm what makes the animal kingdom so incredible.