100 years since the Great War

100 years ago last night, Britain decided to go to war against Germany and four years of bloodshed followed. As a mark of respect for the centenary year of the war beginning, we here at HIW have dedicated the start of every week to ‘Military Monday’.

If you haven’t seen any yet, today is an ideal time to catch up. This week’s article is on the divisive Treaty of Versailles but have a look through our back catalogue to read more engaging and engrossing stories and facts on the Great War.

Wk 1: Trench warfare http://howitworks.wpengine.com/history/military-monday-no-1/

Wk 2: Tanks

Wk 3: The Triple Alliance

Wk 4: Battle of the Somme

Wk 5: Russian Revolution

Wk 6: Treaty of Versailles