2017: What’s in store

What ground-breaking science research would you like to see attempted in 2017? Jack and Charlie share their views. 



Senior Staff Writer

For me it’s all about space. The Cheops satellite will allow us to see even more exoplanets than ever before. You never know we may find another Earth-like planet or alien life! I’m also excited to see if NASA’s Space Launch System can really be the answer for us to blast off to never before reached areas of the Solar System. Lots to look forward to!

2017 science


Production Editor

I’d like to see medical technology take further leaps forward, especially with microbots that can be used in surgery and also deployed in the blood to help people battle otherwise untreatable diseases. The more prevalent this technology gets, the cheaper it becomes, meaning more people will have access to it.

2017 science


Who do you agree with? What scientific ventures would you like to see attempted in 2017? Join the converstaion and share your views with us?



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