All About Space magazine touches down

Today marks a special day at Imagine Publishing as the office received the first hot-off-the-press issues of the company’s eagerly anticipated new knowledge title All About Space. Indeed, it has taken the office by storm and already caused workflows to get mysteriously disrupted – we even caught How It Works team member Rob taking an overly long coffee break. Early reports confirm that the All About Space arrival and Rob’s caffeine-centred lethargy may be related somehow.

The excitement, however, is easy to understand as the magazine is unlike anything else out there and will appeal to seasoned space fans and new explorers alike, with a regular dose of amazing articles, exclusive interviews and jaw-dropping images making each issue simply unmissable.

Inside you’ll find fantastic illustrations and information on everything from Earth orbit to the edge of the universe. The first issue kicks off with a giant feature on the wonders of space, revealing the exciting missions that will be making headlines in the coming years. Elsewhere you’ll find articles on the new race to the Moon, futuristic space planes, nebulas and much more. All About Space will also finally make astronomy accessible to everyone with a host of stargazing articles explaining how to buy a telescope and what to look for in the night sky.

All About Space will be available online at the Imagine eShop and in all good newsagents and supermarkets from 28 June. You can also download the digital version for iPhone, iPad and Android from Visit the website at to get your space fix right now.

All About Space issue 1 free preview