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Amazing Pictures: World War II Bomber

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  • Tim

    Unfortunately this is not an authentic pic. Its a photo of a Boeing B-17 ‘Sally B’ WW2 aircraft which still flies at airshows and which as part of its flying display, trails smoke like the Red Arrows to simulate battle damage.

    You can tell because the smoke trails are very white and even (ie display smoke) and because on closer inspection the markings on the cowling are Sally Bs.

    The photographer (or someone) in this case has just run the pic through a sepia filter in Photoshop to ‘age’ it.

    So WW2 bomber yes – struggling to stay in air on fire – fake.

    NB: If you want some actual WW2 combat photography of damaged bombers limping home (or landed with major chunks of tailplanes etc shot away)there are plenty around.

  • Justice

    That is not an authentic photo!