Animals at ZSL London Zoo get an Easter surprise

Today Zookeepers shelled out on an egg-stravagant surprise for ZSL London Zoo’s animals as it get ready to celebrate the Easter weekend.

“We always like to find fun ways for the animals to join in the festivities – while there will be no chocolate for our animals this Easter, we prepared an egg-citing veggie-filled egg hunt for our lemurs and squirrel monkeys and hid fresh eggs for our Komodo dragon, Ganas,” said ZSL’s Zoological Manager Mark Habben

Keepers placed colourful papier mache eggs around the primate enclosures, each filled with treats and snacks for them to enjoy. Fresh eggs were also displayed for their resident Komodo dragon Ganas, which he easily sniffed out with his tongue, an achievement he would have still succeeded at if the eggs were up to six miles away.

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