Brain Games: Award-winning series unlocks the secrets of your mind

Can you trust your own brain?

Hit TV show Brain Games reveals the truth, using a series of mind-blowing hidden camera social experiments to reveal how we each perceive the world in different ways.

“There are so many things that mediate our reality,” says host Jason Silva. “The clothing you wear, particularly uniforms, change how you are perceived and how you perceive others. The language you speak changes your world view, as does the cultural background you have. We are constantly telling people on Brain Games that there is no real empirical reality that you get to experience, you only see things through the misconceptions, preconceptions and cultural biases that are built into you. If reality is coupled to perceptions and you can mess with perception, you can mess with reality. That’s what Brain Games is really about; yes we’re showing you some science and yes we are entertaining you, but what we are really telling you is what you see isn’t always what you get. There’s much more to reality, maybe you shouldn’t hold onto your belief system so strongly, there’s much more to the world.”

Brain Games premieres on Sundays at 7pm on the National Geographic Channel.

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