Build your own Bloodhound

We featured the 1,000mph Bloodhound car in our last issue and it was very, very impressive. But what if it was constructed out of K’NEX?

Measuring a life-size 13.5 metres (44 feet) long, two metres (six feet) wide and four metres (seven feet) high, this version of the ‘hound isn’t so diddy as you may think. It is made entirely of K’NEX with nothing added to increase structural strength. Even though it might look like just a toy, the Bloodhound team used K’NEX as an educational device during the car’s construction to represent a model of the finished racer.

The team needs plenty of help to get this spectacular construction built. Members of the public are invited to come along to RBLI HQ for an activity packed open day session. Visitors will be able to add pieces to the record attempt structure as well as enjoy activities while learning more about BLOODHOUND’s fascinating journey towards building a real supersonic car that will break 1000mph. Info is for the chance to be part of a world record attempt build.

bloodhound_car_knex_big_build_comp_v1 medium

Here’s some quick facts on the innovative construction:

500,000 The number of K’NEX parts needed to complete the structure

6,000 Amount of 75mm cubes of K’NEX to form the internal structure of the model

8 The number of build team members

1200 working hours taken to build the massive construction

1 The World’s largest K’NEX structure