Can we survive by just eating insects?

insects, food, diet

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization beetles, caterpillars, bees, wasps and ants already contribute to the traditional diets of at least 2 billion people in the world. This is because at the right stage in their development some species can be excellent sources of fat, protein, vitamins, fibre and minerals. Insects are particularly favoured in developing nations where they are more sustainable and less resource-intensive than large mammals – the major components of Western diets. However, even communities that eat insects regularly on other foods too. For example, in parts of Africa where insects are eaten frequently people still get about 90 per cent of their protein from other sources, suggesting insects can’t satisfy all our dietary needs. Also, to feed the world with bugs we’d have to overcome our aversion to them and resolve environmental concerns of mass production.

Answered by Michael Simpson