Discover amazing science experiments you can try at home in the new How It Works special edition

Getting hands on with science is easier than ever with our latest special edition – the How It Works Book of Home Experiments.

You’ll discover loads of fun projects that you can try at home, with simple explanations of the science behind them. From making a battery out of lemons to growing your own snowflakes, there is plenty to keep you occupied and get you learning some basic science principles along the way. You need neither a laboratory nor a degree in quantum physics for these projects, as you’ll have most of the equipment in your home already, and our easy-to-follow illustrated guides will break down the process step-by-step.


The How It Works Book of Home Experiments

Inside, you’ll find…

Exploding colour

We combine food colouring, milk and soap to produce colourful results

Making hot ice

The supercool liquid that instantly freezes at room temperature

Penny drop experiment

Explore Isaac Newton’s first law of motion with some simple items

The double-slit experiment

Understand the basics of wave-particle duality with this simple home experiment

Lemon battery experiment

Learn about how batteries work by powering an LED light with some lemons

Make borax snowflakes

Exploit the natural, crystallising properties of borax to create some unique snowflake decorations

20 home experiments

Discover science in the most fun way possible – by doing these awesome experiments in your own home!

The How It Works Book of Home Experiments is available now. Simply download the free How It Works app onto your iOS device and find this special edition within it. Whilst you’re there, you can also find our book of amazing inventionsguide to the galaxyearthquakes edition, and book of the senses.

HowIt Works Book of Home Experiments

HowIt Works Book of Home Experiments

Plus, take a look at:

How to make invisible ink

How to bend water 

How to make a magnet