Discover the amazing world of Photoshop with new app

Photoshop 1-2-3, Photoshop, iCreate, Photoshop Creative, Advanced Photoshop, magazine, digital magazine, release, launch, Apple Newsstand, Imagine PublishingAs the world’s most well-known photo editing software, it is important that people in the technological or photographic world know their way around Photoshop.

Therefore, the new digital magazine Photoshop 1-2-3 is a must-buy as it is packed full of helpful hints, tutorials and tricks on how to get the very best out of your copy of Photoshop, whether you are a seasoned photo-editing pro or a newcomer to the software.

The mag is brought to you by the Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative and iCreate teams, drawing on a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in Photoshop and its uses.

Released monthly, Photoshop 1-2-3 costs just £0.69 ($0.99) per issue or you can subscribe to it for the whole year for just £3.99 ($4.99).

Issue One is available on the Apple Newsstand right now.