Discover the world’s lightest material

Aerographite is a revolutionary new material that consists of a network of porous carbon tubes. These tiny tubes are three-dimensionally interwoven at both a nano and micro level, creating a substance that weighs only 0.2 milligrams per cubic centimetre (0.0001 ounces per cubic inch); it is about 99.99 per cent air. So how can this be used?

Non-conductive plastic
Non-conductive plastic could be transformed with the introduction of aerographite, removing the effects of static without adding weight.



Aerographite could be used on the electrodes of li-ion batteries, allowing only a tiny amount of electrolyte to be used, reducing the battery’s overall weight.





Another possible use is in satellites and aircraft. These machines must cope with lots of vibration, which could be mitigated by using aerographite.