Farewell to Brain Games and None Of The Above – for now…

So over the last few weeks hopefully you’ve had a chance to read some cool Brain Games facts and passed the None Of The Above quiz with flying colours. Now, as we bid a sad farewell to both shows for the moment, we have pulled together some final mind-blowing facts to leave you with. To keep up with your brain exercises tune in to regular repeats of Brain Games and None Of The Above on National Geographic Channel.

None of the Above, Tim Shaw

None Of The Above questions

1. Which household substance is the most flammable?
A) Granulated sugar
B) Cooking oil
C) Coffee creamer
D) None of the above

2. Trick your friends with this variation of the typical beer bottle prank. What will happen if you impact the top of a bottle of flat beer?
A) Bubble over
B) Spray everywhere
C) Explode
D) None of the above  

3. How many vacuum cleaners do you need to lift a car?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) None of the above

1. C) Coffee creamer
2. D) None of the above. In fact the base cracks and falls off
3. D) None of the above. Only 1 vacuum required!

Jason Silva, Brain Games

Brain Games top facts!

– According to brain scans younger people only use one side of their brains to get certain tasks done whilst older brains are more likely to use both hemispheres, known as bilateralization

– Can a younger driver actually be better than an older seasoned driver? Due to better visual processing skills, resulting in quicker reflexes, younger drivers on average actually are better than older road users.

– Your brain has an area dedicated to recognising faces, called the fusiform gyrus, and its job is to quickly identify just a few features, categorise them as a face and then pass this information on to other onto other parts of the brain for further processing.

– Finally, just a little hint: next time you’re at the mirror, try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand – this is a great way to test your brain!