How can the human body be improved?

The human body is an amazing tool and if you are to believe the song Wear Sunscreen, it is “the greatest instrument you’ll ever own”. However, with technology developing at a rapid rate, the question has to be asked “How can the human body be improved?” How can the physical limitations our body has be broken down and upgraded? Below is just some of the innovative technology that is being described as the start of a fourth industrial revolution. Specialising in AI, connectivity, robotics and VR, these new designs are looking to partner the human body with machine to make our lives easier and more efficient. Will we soon enter a new era of human-machine collaboration?

How can the human body be improved?
Intelligent systems will aid the military greatly, resulting in a new breed of soldier


How can the human body be improved?
Autonomous vehicles will have both civilian and military uses


How can the human body be improved?
Man and machine will combine to improve industry and also healthcare


The above images are from BAE Systems’ Human+ project.


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