How It Works Annual 2012 on sale now

The front cover of the How It Works Annual 2012
The How It Works Annual 2012 is the ultimate collection of fantastic articles from How It Works magazine. Helping to explain how things work, this book is perfect for every age, whether you’re looking to increase your knowledge on a specific subject, research a school project or just find out some fun facts.

With sections covering space, science, technology, transport, the environment and history, there’s something for everyone. So whether you want to know how all the latest gadgets work, what asteroids are heading for Earth, whether diets really help you lose weight or how strong a crocodile’s jaw really is, this is the only book for you.

Dave Harfield, Editor In Chief of How It Works magazine said; “If you’re hungry for knowledge about space, science, transport, technology, the environment or history then don’t miss 2012’s How It Works Annual. Once again this book delivers fascinating facts about the world around us in an entertaining and visually stunning form that can satisfy even the biggest appetite for knowledge and information.”

The How It Works Annual 2012 is on sale now priced £9.99 from and all good newsagents.