How It Works

How It Works Annual on sale today – 260 pages of amazing articles that explain how things work

With the festive season just around the corner – yes, that’s right it’s just 79 sleeps till Christmas – there’ll soon be a chaotic scramble at the shops as people scurry around looking for three-for-two on pointless gifts while trampling small children to get to the last copy of Rock Band.

However, you clever people can avoid all that rigmarole by visiting the Imagine eShop – or your nearest good supermarket – where you’ll find the How It Works Annual on sale for just £9.99. This is the perfect gift for the knowledge-hungry members of your family or those close friends with a love of science and the natural world. And for all those How It Works fans who came late to the party and missed out on our now-hard-to-come-by early editions, you can enjoy the highlights from the out-of-stock issues 1-6 for yourselves. It’s been a long year; you deserve it!

This beautiful compilation of all the most attractive and informative features and articles from the last year is not to be missed so we suggest you head on over to the eShop and get Christmas sorted without the hassle this year – before they sell out.

  • I think this is great if a little surprising., especially those who missed out on early editions (I take it this was your plan you mentioned-as I don’t know who asked for the annual you have never mentioned it before)

    I won’t get it as I have all the issues somewhere in my house/at uni.

  • Cool! I assume that it will eventually arrive here in the US, correct?

  • Yasmine

    I love How It Works Magazines,they are, so far the best magazines I have ever had in my life! I love how you are making an annual for back issues for people like me! I will be buying an annual soon!Keep up the great work!!

  • andrealynn.

    I just bought one right now! I’ve been visiting Borders Bookstore & Barnes & Noble Bookstore for the past few days(since they don’t get released the same date in the UK) just to get Issue 13 & when I saw the annual I was like no way I had to get this too! I love How It Works Magazines! Keep Em’ Comin’!!!!!

  • bubbles

    I have been trying to buy the annual and all seem out of stock, any ideas where I can get one for my son?
    I tried Imagine eshop, whsmiths and amazon.

    • I’m afraid for the moment our eShop is out of stock as the Annual has proved very popular. Unfortunately, until we get a new stock in the new year, you’ll either have to find a WH Smiths that still has a copy or have a look on eBay, although there is a slight mark-up on eBay (at the time of writing we’ve seen a few for £17.99 rather than the retail price of £9.99).

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas.