How It Works Book of Amazing Technology Vol 2 on sale now!


That’s right! The How It Works Book of Amazing Technology is back due to popular demand, with this second volume delivering in-depth explorations of some of the most important technological breakthroughs of the last 200 years. From computing to engineering, gadgets to domestic appliances, volume two makes discovering how things work easy with the best cutaways, cross-sections and photography money can buy. Here is just a sample of the How It Works Book of Amazing Technology Vol 2’s contents:

* Engineering wonders
* Sydney Opera House
* Inside London’s Olympic Stadium
* What was the Newcomen steam engine?
* Next-gen nuclear bunkers
* World’s largest drill
* How torpedoes work
* Exploring the Wii U
* Surround-sound headphones
* Inside Instagram
* A look inside Google
* Self-destructing memory sticks
* Wireless routers explained
* CAPTCHA technology
* How silencers muffle sound
* How an on-camera flash works
* Kindle Fire and the future of eReaders
* How do chocolate fountains flow?
* How do calculators do the maths?
* How underfloor heating heats homes
* How does memory foam remember?
* Electrical plugs and wall sockets
* What makes Velcro stick?
* The first electric washing machine
* How do ovens cook food?

So, to discover how these amazing pieces of technology work as well as many, many more, pick up the How It Works Book of Amazing Technology Vol 2 from the Imagine Shop.