How It Works Book Of Space gets a brand new extended edition

The popular How It Works Book of Space bookazine has been given a fantastic new revised edition, giving you 80 new pages of amazing questions answered. Brought to you by the experts behind How It Works magazine, the Book Of Space is an in-depth guide to our solar system. Examining the planets, stars and asteroids, this book will guide you through space and history, from the Big Bang to the Space Shuttle. You’ll also learn about the telescopes used to gaze at the stars, how astronauts stay safe and the robots we’re using to explore even further.

Helen Laidlaw, Editor of How It Works magazine, said: “Space is a hugely popular section of the magazine and we’re very excited to present readers with this extended Book of Space. The bookazine is packed with explanations of the most spectacular phenomena the cosmos has to offer, making it the ideal reference material for budding space enthusiasts eager to discover the wider universe.”

Dedicated to delivering in-depth knowledge about how the world around us works in an entertaining and engaging way, How It Works books are presented in a style that makes even the most complex of subjects fun and easy to understand. A worldwide phenomenon, How It Works books offer the most diverse and comprehensive way to feed the hungriest of enquiring minds.

The How It Works Book Of Space Extended Edition is on sale now from and all good newsagents, priced £9.99.