How It Works issue 19 on sale today

Internet TV

From BBC iPlayer to Apple TV, discover the technology behind how movies and TV shows are streamed to our television sets over a broadband connection

The power of sound

What happens when a plane exceeds the speed of sound, how can a sound smash glass, what is the Doppler effect? Find out in How It Works issue 19


Discover the evidence of our prehistoric past. We’ll take you through the fossil record and reveal what life on Earth was like millions of years ago

The red planet

This month we bring you a six-page bonanza on Mars. The feature explores what’s inside the planet, its incredible surface features (including Olympus Mons the highest mountain in the solar system). We also look at the various Mars missions and explain why we haven’t yet set foot on this intriguing rock

Extreme engines

Find out how to pimp your ride and how these performance-enhancing tweaks can improve your regular runaround

Also this issue…

The Heimlich manoeuvre, vortex rings, how hair grows, prisms, rheumatoid arthritis, the common cold, osmosis, party poppers, human feet, space pens, Vostok 1, novae, Herschel telescope, the Space Shuttle, QR Codes, electronic ink, bullets, blood pressure meters, phone chargers, greenscreen, PS3 Slim, grasshoppers, how squid swim, cows’ digestion, the Derweze crater, honeybee anatomy, landslides, skilifts, racing tyres, car alarms, train tracks, the ALMA transporter, bobsleighs, helicopters, Westminster Abbey, battering rams, dynamos, gramophones, Chinese junks

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