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Are Buzz Aldrin’s footprints still on the moon?

We consider the moon to have no atmosphere. There may be very small traces of some elements, but not enough to constitute an atmosphere. If there is no atmosphere there can be no wind, as there will be no air to move around. With no wind there is nothing blow the footprint away, so yes, Buzz Aldrin’s footprints will still be there on the moon, as well as any other footprints left by the 12 other astronauts who have been there.

Claire Butler, Science Museum

  • Claire,

    Thanks for that, however,
    I did a detailed analysis some years ago now on the video imagery and photos produced by NASA from the supposed Moon landings as part of a Police project.

    Although I am not one of those who constantly finds a conspiracy theory in everything that goes on, they did appear to make errors of judgement, by releasing images that had clearly been taken in Area 51 showing high heel shoe prints in the sand and reflections in their visors of hill lines and bushes, no shadows of the flag on the ground, but where the astronaut had cast a shadow standing next to it etc on what were clearly pre arranged photo shoots on earth, and then released as actual moon landing imagery.

    By producing these clearer images I believe they were to mislead the Russians at the time, bearing in mind it was at the height of the Cold War, that the U.S. were more advanced in all aspects of technology, and for no other reason, in their attempt to avert a major conflict.

    This doubt led to other technical achievements on the mission being analysed more closely and brought into question, about live audio and video transmissions from the surface of the moon, with the famous words “One small step for man……etc” and whether that could actually be achieved at the time in a live broadcast using the microwave video and audio carrier frequencies available over such a vast distance!!

    The sad fact was that no one in NASA ever tried to rectify these errors of judgement by releasing a simple statement, that the trial images taken on earth, were mixed up in actual moon landing imagery if that was indeed the case, which in part would have cleared up any scepticism of that particular mistake!!.