How It Works issue 37 free preview!

This month How It Works delivers a bounty of awesome articles and fantastic features including:

The new Concorde – Discover how new supersonic passenger planes could go from London to Sydney in four hours.

50 amazing facts about sleep – Everything from sleepwalking to sleeping pills, and insomnia to dreams is explained here.

Google revolution – Find out how Google’s latest technologies could change the way we consume media forever.

Earth’s oddest animals – Say hello to some of the downright strangest creatures in the world, from red-lipped fish to hairy frogs.

Massive cosmic blasts
– Discover the origins of the biggest explosions in the universe and how much energy they produce.

Gladiatorial contests – Visit a brutal part of Ancient Rome where bloodthirsty sporting events were the order of the day.

How It Works issue 37 is on sale from 9 August 2012 and is available from WHSmiths, Barnes & Noble, supermarkets and all good newsagents.