How It Works issue 43 free preview!

This month How It Works delivers a bounty of awesome articles and fantastic features including:

* Jet power – Get to the heart of the amazing aircraft engineering inside the internal combustion engine.

* Swarms – From insects to wildebeest we unveil the survival benefits of living as part of a massive group.

* 50 amazing science facts
– The science behind the world’s most mindblowing biology, chemistry and physics facts.

* CCTV – We discover how advanced city surveillance technology keeps London’s traffic on the move.

* Spacewalks
– How do astronauts perform dangerous extravehicular activities in Earth’s orbit and beyond?

* The Duomo of Florence – Find out what’s special about the history and architecture of this famous Italian cathedral.

How It Works issue 43 is on sale from 24 January 2013 and is available from WHSmiths, Barnes & Noble, supermarkets and all good newsagents.