How It Works issue 51 free preview!


This month How It Works is packed with a bunch of great articles, here are a few of our favourites:


* Energy explained – All you need to get to grips with the science of energy, including why it can’t be destroyed.


* Next-gen battleships – The advanced weapons on board the most deadly warships taking naval warfare to a new level


* Nature’s giants – What adaptations have Earth’s biggest beasts evolved to survive?


* Bionic humans – The incredible technology improving quality of life after we suffer illness and accidents.


* Mission to Jupiter – Learn all about the upcoming JUICE mission that will explore the gas giant as well as its icy moons.


* Ankylosaurus – The life and times of this heavily armoured, plant-eating dinosaur with a deadly tail explained.

How It Works issue 51 is on sale from 12 September 2013 and is available from WHSmiths, Barnes & Noble, supermarkets and all good newsagents.