How It Works

How It Works PixelMags live!

That’s right, now you can read the latest and greatest issue of How It Works right from your iPhone or iPod, receiving your monthly quota of edutainment in digital form. To do this simply search for How It Works in the Apple App Store, sign up for free to PixelMags and then download a complimentary digital copy of our latest issue of the magazine for free. It is that simple.

Each month along with our print edition of the magazine, we will be releasing it in digital form through PixelMags for a price of £1.79, meaning that even if you miss the hardcopy of the mag, or just prefer the convenience of having How It Works with you at all times, it is simply a couple of taps away. All past issues of How It Works are also available through the service as well, allowing you to download and read any issue you may have missed quickly and easily.

  • Ian

    Oh my God,
    I love this! As i’m currently living in Belgium, it’s hard for me to get it, so from now on I’ll be able to read it again! Thanks!

  • Mark

    Fantastic idea!
    I love this mag and it’s great to see that it’s making the future itself by embracing the digital format.

  • I’m a huge fan of this magazine, I already buy 3 issue , but I have a little problem. I buy it from my iPhone and I really want to read it also on my pc-desktop. It is possible? What can I do view the issue on my pc-desktop. Thank you!