How PlayStation VR works

Video games are big business and virtual reality is the latest revolution to grace the industry. Joining the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the VR community, Sony unveiled the PlayStation VR last month. If you’ve recently got your bundle through the post or are just interested in some fascinating tech, read on below as we take a trip around this great piece of kit.

How the PlayStation VR works

Reports suggest that Sony is planning on releasing a wireless version of the Playstation VR.


The Playstation VR links up with any model of the PlayStation 4.  What you’ll notice first is the nifty piece of headgear.  It looks pretty much like all the other VR headsets out there and works in a similar way too. An AMD graphics processor lies inside and it is this that will be powering all the glorious 3D virtual reality you’ll soon be seeing. Alongside the headset is the Processor Unit, which has an HDMI port, allowing others to see to access ‘Mirror Mode’, which allows others to see what’s going on in the headset and how you’re probably getting chased by a great white shark or losing at virtual tennis.


Motion tracking

The system works using the PlayStation Camera. With nine LEDs on the device, the camera is incredibly accurate and will track every move you make. You can use your standard DUALSHOCK 4 but the real fun comes when you’re flailing your PlayStation Move controls around.


Reports suggest that Sony is planning on releasing a wireless version of the Playstation VR.

PS VR is by no means a solitary experience and every member of the family can hook up a DUALSHOCK and get involved

Graphics & Audio

The PS VR would be bit rubbish if the graphics didn’t produce the goods but the HD 1920×1080 display and OLED Screen make up an immersive experience. Audio-wise, the PlayStation makes use of a sound system known as binaural 3D audio. Using two built-in microphones, a 3D stereo sound is created so whether you’re battling zombies or enjoying a nice game of tennis, the shuffle of the undead or the thwack of the racket seems to be all around you. We had a go ourselves and you really do get sucked into a seamless virtual world that feels like it’s all around you. It’s a big leap forward from the EyeToy and PlayStation Move, which were released on previous Sony consoles.



One of the best things about modern-day video games is sharing them with your mates online. A built in microphone enables the user to chat with friends and share the virtual world, whether it’s discussing battle tactics or shouting “WHAT WAS THAT!? DID YOU HEAR THAT!?” when you hear something move behind you in the haunted house you find yourself in.

How the PlayStation VR works How the PlayStation VR works


There’s a top-notch launch list of 1080p games for the PS VR. Ranging from games like The Deep, which plunges you into shark infested waters to Batman Arkham VR, where you play the part of the Dark Knight himself. Other releases to look out for are is the high octane speed and combat of RIGS Mechanized Combat League, the incredible world of Eagle Flight and the upcoming Farpoint that could take First Person Shooter’s to the next level. 50 move games are on their way and with more games, the PS VR can only get better and better.


Media player

After you’ve had a go at the games, insert your USB to view photos and videos in a whole new experience. The PlayStation VR allows you to view your images in 360-degrees so you can get more out of your latest holiday snaps. You can even choose to watch your favourites shows through the headset on a huge virtual screen.

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