Maximus mythbuster

The name Maximus Decimus Meridius is inaccurate in terms of Roman naming conventions – it should be ordered Decimus Meridius Maximus.

While Gladiator is accurate in some ways – e.g. in its depiction of gladiatorial schools – it’s highly inaccurate in others. First, Emperor Marcus Aurelius died of plague near modern-day Vienna, Austria, rather than being murdered by his son, Commodus. Second, Commodus himself was not killed in the Colosseum, but rather by strangulation in his bathtub. Third, Commodus reigned as emperor for several years prior to his assassination. Fourth, the arena in Rome is referred to by all characters as the Colosseum – as today – but at the time it would have been known as the Amphitheatrum Flavium. Fifth, gladiators in the flm are shown fighting others of varying heights, weights and fighting styles, while in reality they were matched up, akin to boxers today. And last, Maximus, the lead character, never existed as depicted in the movie, but is an amalgamation of various historical characters.