Product review: Pyrnt Pocket

Prynt Pocket is bringing back the fun of printing instant pictures but with a modern twist.

Back in 1948, the first instant camera hit the shelves when Polaroid released Land Camera Model 95. Since then the instant camera has evolved over the years getting more compact, quicker and better quality. With the introduction of the Smartphone Prynt Pocket that evolution now includes printing videos!

As the name suggests, Prynt Pocket has been designed as phone accessory that is light and compact. The Pyrnt Pocket is the second in the Prynt company line following the success of the Prynt Case. This luxury instant camera attachment connects to your Smartphone and with its camera style grip and shutter button, it makes your phone seem like a traditional camera. This accessory also prints high-quality pictures without using any ink.

However, by far the best features are its video capabilities. Using the accompanying app, you can embed augmented reality videos from your phone or social media platforms such as Snapchat into the printouts. Overall the Pyrnt Pocket seems to be a cool device that does what it says on the tin, prints out your Smartphone images with a few modern twists.

Price: £149.99 (approx. $210)

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