She Ping’s suit is bee-utiful

She Ping, farm, China, Chongqing, bees, bee suit, bee dress, 34
Image: Getty

She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper from the Chinese province of Chongqing, has broken the record for the number of bees ever on a person’s body as he wears a bee suit made up of 456,500 bees.

He smashed through his previous record that he’d set 12 years ago by having 28 hives worth of bees placed on his body by his wife and five other beekeepers. The total weight of the bee suit is around 45kg.

His team used lit matches and incense to keep as many bees off his face as possible. The whole process lasted 40 minutes and he came out with over 20 stings, which, when you consider he had nearly half a million bees on his body, could have bee-n an awful lot worse.