See staggering street science in action


None of the Above, National Geographic Channel

Prepare for shocks, squeals and explosions as the brand-new series None Of The Above launches with a double bill on Wednesday 12 February at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel. Join engineer and presenter Tim Shaw as he takes science to the streets, challenging his audience to predict the outcome of his wacky experiments. From the shocking, surprising and, more often than not, shatteringly destructive, Tim proves that science is insanely interesting and can be performed anywhere.

In the first episode Tim drops 200 gallons of water on a car to test out a theory that he believes, could revolutionise the car wash industry. Learn what happens to an ant when he takes a spin in a microwave, and discover which vegetable is the most likely to smash through a wooden chopping board: a brussel sprout, a potato, a tomato or the heart of an artichoke? Suffice it to say the answer is not as simple as it seems.

In the second episode Tim demonstrates how a simple coffee creamer can produce a big bang, and he reveals just how strong eggs can be, especially when you have 1,200 of them lined up ready to take the weight of a hefty mystery object. Also remember that age-old trick of hitting a beer bottle top to make it fizz over? Well, can you imagine what happens when the beer is flat?

Treat yourself to the most destructive and astonishing science lesson ever taught with None Of The Above.

Take a look at the clip below to see Tim soak a £50 note in a mixture of water and alcohol and set it alight. Will the note:

A) Burn to ash
B) Have no damage
C) Partially burn
D) or None of the Above?