The K’NEX Bloodhound

Well not quite. Instead, the construction toy giant K’NEX has created a life size replica of the Bloodhound, a 1,609 kilometre per hour (1,000-mile)-per-hour machine completely out of its building blocks. The largest K’NEX structure ever made, the project is assembled from 383,422 parts and took 1,287 hours to construct!

If you want to know more about the Bloodhound, We included it in the news section of issue 62 of How It Works. (If you missed it, get yours at our online shops here and here)

The K’NEX Bloodhound in numbers

6125 – 75mm cubes constructed of K’NEX that form the internal structure

62 – Flexible sheets constructed of K’NEX to form the outer shell

164 – The number of people who contributed to the construction of the model

12 – Different types of K’NEX parts used to form the entire structure

548 – The number of K’NEX 70 Model Building Sets that would have the equivalent number of parts to the Bloodhound K’NEX Car.

Credit Press Association

Credit Press Association


Length: 13.382m (44ft)
Width: 2.44m (8ft)
Height: 3.874m (12.7ft)

Credit Press Association

Credit Press Association

Did you know?
The previous record holder for the largest K’NEX structure was a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the US Space &Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.