The new HIW Book of Dinosaurs is now on sale! Brush up on your dinosaur knowledge for Jurassic World!

Travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs with the How It Works Book of Dinosaurs and discover the “terrible lizards” for yourself. Find out how the dinosaurs survived and thrived, about the mass extinction that ended it all and what the dinosaurs left behind for us to find.

This brand new bookazine is perfect for anyone who’s interested in dinosaurs, and will allow you to tell fact from fiction in the new blockbuster Jurassic World!

It’s now on sale for you to buy from the Imagine Shop, for the great price of only £9.99!

In this bookazine…

Everything that you want to know about the age of dinosaurs

The prehistoric world
– Take a tour of prehistoric Earth and explore the dinosaurs’ vast and varied habitat

Dinosaurs up close
– Come fact to face with the most incredible dinosaurs from Allosaurus to Zuniceratops

Dinosaurs’ legacy
– Discover how the dinosaurs went extinct and uncover what they left behind

101 dinosaur facts
– The most essential dinosaur facts that everyone must know

Also inside…The most amazing dinosaurs
– The amazing creatures that walked the EarthThe prehistoric world
– A to Z of the dinosaurs
– What was a dinosaur?
– When did dinosaurs rule the Earth?
– Where did dinosaurs live?
– The dinosaurs’ neighboursDinosaurs up close
– What’s inside a dinosaur egg?
– The world’s biggest dinosaurs
– Dinosaur defence
– The cleverest dinosaur
– Diplodocus
– Triceratops
– Velociraptor
– Steogsaurus
– Tyrannosaurus rex
– Brachiosaurus
– Ankylosaurus
– Apatosaurus
– Marine reptiles
– Plesiosaurus
– Pterosaurs
– Quetzalcoatlus
– The deadliest dinosaurs


Dinosaurs’ legacy
– Death of the dinosaurs
– What are fossils?
– Finding fossils
– 101 dinosaur questions answered

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