The Teavolution

We British love our tea and it has been a staple drink in the UK since the 17th century. The tea bag was first introduced in 1904 and now in 2016, 112 years on, the next step in the mission to make the perfect brew is here. Behold, a new type of tea that comes out of an aerosol style can.


Pioneered by No More Tea Bags, the company promises to deliver a tea bag-less future. So what’s the science behind it? Well, research has found that the average person only brews their tea for 13 seconds, not nearly enough time for the flavours to come out of the tea bag. This is where No More Tea Bags comes in. The tea within the can has already been brewed for a full five minutes so as soon as the tea is sprayed out, hot water and milk (and sugar if you’re not sweet enough) is then added with no need to wait around twiddling your thumbs. If that wasn’t enough, the tea will reportedly be hotter than the standard tea bag-made brew and you won’t even have to bother with dispensing the bag itself.


No More Tea Bags

There are three flavours, Original, Earl Grey and Jasmine Green Tea


So, what do you think about this new invention? Let us know in the comments below and you could win £50’s worth of science books!


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