Time to play a Brain Game

Brain Games, National Geographic

If your brain is craving some much-needed fun exercise, the National Geographic Channel is offering the chance to stretch your mental faculties and marvel at our mind’s ability to trick, wow and confuse us.

Brain Games is back for an all-new season of interactive illusions, challenges and experiments that showcase the extraordinary nature of the human brain, launching with a double bill on Wednesday 5 February at 8pm on the National Geographic Channel. Presenter and self-professed wonder junkie Jason Silva guides us through the twists and turns of our grey matter, explaining the ‘why’ behind the ‘wow’.

In the first episode the show delves into the differences between the brains of young people vs the older generation. According to brain scans younger people only use one side of their brains to get certain tasks done, while older brains are more likely to use both hemispheres – known as bilateralisation. But does this mean that older brains are more efficient?

The second episode looks at colour, a big part of our world that we often take for granted. Why do we all associate certain colours with particular things? Do we really see every colour of the rainbow – or are some things an illusion? This episode shows us that everything is not as simple as black and white…

Brain Games will awaken your incredible senses and uncover the mysteries of the most complex object in the known universe: your brain.

Brain Games premieres Wednesday 5 February at 8pm on the National Geographic Channel.

Test your brain now with this sneak peek clip of the first episode, Battle Of The Ages. 18,000 hertz is silence to anyone over 18, but anyone under the age of 18 can hear it as an audible tone. Have a watch to see if your brain is acting its age.

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