Top 5 Facts: Beards

  • Growing

The average human male grows 25,000 hairs on his face in the space of 24 hours. They will grow about half a millimetre in a day and 13mm in a month.

  • Genetic

Genetic factors determine the length, texture, colour and growth patterns of facial hair. Another factor that plays a part in hair growth is hormones.

  • Tug of war

Legendary King Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to shave, as he feared that in battle the enemy could easily grab their bears and kill thim.

  • Plucking

The great Roman ruler Julius Caesar had his facial hairs pulled out one by one by tweezers, rather than trust anyone to use a razor on his throat.

  • Wet and dry

When put under a microscope and examined, a wet razor shave looks much smoother than a dry shave carried out by an electric shaver.