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What On Earth Is It? – #1

It’s that time of the month again! Woo hoo! Let’s start with this. Cor blimey! That sure is the werdiest star-gone-supernova I have ever seen. Certainly very pretty though.

Anyway, if you think you know what it really is, or – even better – you have a hilariously silly concept of what it might be (but definitely isn’t), drop us a line and get your suggestion printed in the magazine next month.

As for a clue, well… by sitting and meditating, you too might throw off desires of material possesion and attain true enlightenment – thereby granting knowledge of what this really is.

  • Don knight

    With the repeated self similarity It is similar to the mandlebrot set

  • Christopher

    A black hole with light getting sucked in!!

  • Andreas

    Something alien!