What substance can help make you bulletproof?

It’s time for another double dose of None Of The Above on Wednesday 26 February at 9pm on National Geographic Channel – the show that brings science back to the streets, pubs and clubs to discover why things do what they do. With big bangs, flying bullets, fierce fireballs and scalding substances this show is sure to spark the science geek in all of us. 

This week engineer and presenter Tim Shaw demonstrates which household material would be best to wrap your favourite teddy bear in, to protect them from a hot house inferno. After being corrected on his pronunciation of ‘aluminium’ by his American audience, Tim baffles them all with the results of his experiment. Tim also invites some car mechanics to witness what happens when raw meat meets 700-degree-Celsius liquid lead, and in the final experiment, Tim tests the ballistic knowledge of some sharp shooters.

Have a pop at it yourself: which substance is most likely to protect you from a speeding bullet?
• Hay
• Steel
• Brick
• Water

In the second episode of the double bill, Tim discovers just how explosive the average beauty product can be. He demonstrates exactly what happens when a spark hits the forecourt in a petrol station. Tim also travels to Venice Beach and reveals how to render a formidable weightlifter practically powerless.

For a sneaky glimpse at an amazing experiment on the show, take a look at the below clip. Can a laser really burst a red balloon but leave a blue balloon intact? Find out now…