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Why are butterflies born as caterpillars, not butterflies?


Nature has given butterflies the best adaptations, not only for their survival, but also for the survival of other forms of life that depend on them.

Butterflies pass through a four-stage life cycle: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.

The caterpillar is the growing stage of a butterfly’s life. Caterpillars are an important food source for lots of creatures. In the springtime, birds feed them to their chicks but caterpillars also form part of the diet of many other animals.

All life is interdependent, so if butterflies were born as butterflies, many other forms of life would need different adaptations to survive.

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  • Summer love

    This is a ridiculous answer and I seriously doubt it’s what the poster was looking for. No animal except maybe bacteria and tapeworms and animals that get eaten to aid in their life cycle is going to become something just to support other life or to be eaten for any reason. Evolution does not support that theory. Animals and insects and mammals do things in order to aid in making their lives longer and their numbers bigger so this answer makes no sense and would be better suited for a question like, “what do baby chicks eat?”. Considering that’s not the question here Its very disappointing to find such an off topic answer that doesn’t answer the evolutionary question presented whatsoever.