Why do dogs tilt their heads?

From Abraham Chapman

Seeing an adorable dog tilt his head may be one of the cutest things to witness – it’s as if your furry friend is a little confused. There are a few different theories as to what makes dogs do this. One explanation is that the dog rearranges his stance in order to better hear or see us. When a dog looks at you, their muzzle is blocking half of the view; cocking their head allows them to get a better look, especially at our faces, enabling them to adeptly judge emotional and physical clues from the way we act. Another reason for the head tilt is that Fido knows we squeal with delight at his cuteness when he does it and shower him with love. Dogs cotton on to this very quickly, and as animals that are eager to please and bond with their owners, they will use it to their advantage

Answered by Ella Carter for Brain Dump, How It Works issue 81

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