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Why do women have a higher life expectancy than men?

Statistically women are expected to live, on average, four years longer than men. The traditional argument is that men take more risks. This idea has arisen from studies that show men are more likely to die in car accidents, and generally tend to smoke and drink more.

Some scientists argue that genetics may have a part to play – men have an X and Y chromosome, whereas women have two X chromosomes. This means if there is a defective gene in X chromosomes, then women will have a non-defective copy of that gene in the other X chromosome, which can be used instead

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  • sharonsgames

    The two explanations were what I had in mind, too! But, also, men are more likely to be fighting in wars.

  • John

    Men tend to work in more environmentally dangerous jobs where they are exposed to hazardous chemicals, gases (radon, etc.), machinery.

  • PamelaMonahan

    In infants, more male babies are conceived but most miscarried and stillbirths are male.I was told that females are biologically tougher, and always assumed this just carries through and is why women live longer.