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Zero-G kitty

  • Simon Leach

    Any object in free fall will be apparently weightless. Weightlessness is not caused by absence of gravity. Excepting Lagrangian points which are very precise points in space, there is no where in the universe where gravity is zero so zero gravity and micro-gravity are misnomers. (I’m an ex science teacher who had to unravel students mis-understanding of weightlessness with zero gravity (according to them) at a few hundred or a few thousand miles up but then suddenly “switches” back on to keep the moon in orbit!)

    For a new test, perhaps they should spread butter on the back of cats to check whether they always land butter-side up!!

    • Very good points Simon. It also indeed common scientific knowledge that bread always lands butter side down and cats always land on their feet, so sticking them together would make the cat spin uncontrollably in mid-air. However, we haven’t seen an experiment to prove this yet…

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