CES 2015: Sony relaunch the Walkman, Microsoft unveil budget smartphone

Lots of exciting new tech has been revealed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Sony surprised everyone by launching an updated version of their popular Walkman. Rather than playing cassette tapes or CDs like the older models, the new NW-ZX2 plays High-Resolution Audio for a quality listening experience.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

When converting analogue sound to digital formats like CD and MP3, the purity of the original signal is often compromised. Hi-Res Audio retains much more detail. Sony’s S-Master HX full digital amplifier processes wide-bandwidth audio data while minimising noise and distortion and DSEE HX processing recreates crucial high-frequency musical information that’s lost in compressed sound files.

The Walkman NW-ZX2 also features a long 60 hour battery life and 128GB of internal storage (expandable to 256GB with optional microSD card) as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connection.

Microsoft also grabbed attention by unveiling the Nokia 215, an Internet-enabled mobile phone that costs just $29 and has a 29 day battery life.

Microsoft Nokia 215


The budget handset is designed for first-time mobile phone buyers or those looking for a cheap second phone. It features an Opera Mini browser, Bing search and MSN Weather as well as Twitter and Facebook apps. There’s also a built-in torchlight, a VGA camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Other exciting news from CES includes:

  • Google is bringing its $35 Chromecast dongle to hi-fi systems, allowing you to wirelessly play music on your phone or tablet through your home speakers.
  • LG has unveiled the Twin Wash System, a washing machine that can wash two separate loads of laundry at the same time.
  • French firm Emiota has created a prototype belt that monitors your waistline. Belty connects wirelessly to an app on your smartphone and tracks your steps, loosens and tightens as you move, and warns you when your waistline is expanding.
  • True Key allows you to use your face as your password. The app takes a photo of you and employs face recognition technology to determine your identity.
  • Swissvoice has launched Voice Bridge, a device that allow you to make and receive landline calls on your mobile phone whilst out and about.

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