Evolution of the smartphone: 1992 Motorola Independent vs 2014 Samsung Galaxy S5

Mobile phone technology has come a long way in the last few decades from the first ‘brick’ phones that could only be used for phone calls, to the modern smartphones that can do almost anything.

The very first commercial wireless call was made on a Motorola DynaTAC in 1983, and since then mobile phones have been constantly evolving. In 1992, the Motorola Independent was at the height of technology, despite having no text messaging capabilities and a 1G mobile network.

Fast-forward by more than 20 years and smartphone look completely different. Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which was launched in 2014, is half the size of Motorola’s brick device, and much lighter too. As well as being able to make phone calls, the Galaxy S5 also features a high-powered digital camera, a sophisticated touchscreen, internet access and 600 times more processing capability.

We often take for granted the incredible technology that can fit in such a tiny device, so to show just how much things have evolved, online mobile retailer e2save has taken apart these two devices to compare the difference.

Even though there was only 22 years between them, the differences are staggering. Batteries have shrunk in size despite being able to offer more power, and even the nuts and bolts holding everything together have changed a great deal. Take a look at the interactive infographic below to see just how far the smartphone has come and compare the Motorola Independent’s individual components with the Samsung’s Galaxy S5’s…

By e2save mobiles

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