Free app ‘Just A Score’ lets you rate anything and everything!

From Imagine Publishing comes the brand new app: Just a Score. It’s completely free, and allows you to score anything and everything, and is available now to download onto your iPhone and Apple Watch!

You can score literally anything you can think of; if it’s not already been rated you can add it to the app yourself!  Rate the latest smartphone, a perfect great day out, or your favourite tasty treat!

When you download the app, you can start rating things immediately. By connecting your Just A Score profile with Facebook and Twitter, you can share your scores out of ten with your friends and followers. Make sure you follow your friends to see the scores they’re giving; you can like them if you agree or score it yourself if not!

See what’s trending and what’s getting the highest scores across a tonne of categories, from gadgets and tech to everyday life.

Download Just A Score from the App Store, so you can start scoring and sharing now!