Ice Cream Sandwich OS unveiled

Google has unveiled the latest version of its Android smartphone operating system. Android 4.0, nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich, was announced merely a week after rival manufacturer Apple released the latest update to their iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The update includes a number of design changes as well as a selection of new features for compatible devices. Notable changes include:

* A new lock screen system – this redesign allows user’s to unlock their phone via facial recognition as well as supplying shortcuts to the device’s camera and notifications bar.

* Addition of folders – Apps can now be grouped together into a folder by simply dragging them into each other on the home screen.

* New multitasking screen – The multitasking screen has now been redesigned so that applications are represented by foldable tiles.

* Revamped auto-correct and dictionary – More accurate heuristics, as well as improved error correction and word suggestion systems now included.

Ice Cream Sandwich is set to debut with the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone in November. A video of the Ice Cream Sandwich press conference can be watched here.