Manchester named European City of Science

Manchester, European City of Science, ESOF, Copenhagen, 2016, Jodrell Bank, grapheneFollowing a handover ceremony today, Manchester has been named as the European City of Science for the next two years.

The Lancashire city has been a huge part of the scientific community for many years, most notably contributing to atomic theory, the invention of the programmable computer right through to the discovery of the super material Graphene (and you can learn more about Graphene in How It Works issue 58). It is also where data from the Jodrell Bank Observatory gets analysed.

Not only will Manchester hold this sought-after title for the next two years, but it will also hold the biennial EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) convention in July 2016 as 4,500 of the brightest minds in the scientific world come together to discuss their fields.

It is estimated that as well as the prestige, the event will raise around £8.3m for the local economy.