None Of The Above goes off with a bang!


Tim Shaw, the guru of street science, is back this week for even more incredible, fantastic and mind-blowing experiments, and as usual he is challenging you to guess the outcome. Will it be A, B, C, D or None of the Above? It’s time to find out in this week’s episode of None Of The Above ‘Blown Apart’ on Wednesday 26 March at 9pm on National Geographic Channel.

It’s a good thing Tim Shaw has abandoned the classroom for his science experiments as this week’s episode is all about explosions and blowing things up! Tim goes dessert crazy as he tries to make ice cream using nothing but CO2 from a fire extinguisher. He daringly attempts to beat a rubber ball in a bouncing competition, and has a go at blowing up a garden shed, using only the normal contents you would find within one.

This is an episode full of bangs, blasts and bonkers science as None Of The Above continues this week. Watch the below clip for a sneak peek at all the fun. How many human beings can standard hook and look hold up?

• No people
• Up to two people
• Up to four people
• All 11 people
• None of the Above