The Terracotta Army

On 29 March 1974, a 34-year-old Chinese farmer called Yang Xinman found one of China’s greatest historical landmarks: the Terracotta Army.

Attempting to dig a well, he stumbled across an amazing archaeological discovery. Comprised of 6000 life size clay figures along with horses and weapons, Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di built an army to protect him in the afterlife.

The first emperor of China in the Qin Dynasty, Qin also built the Great Wall of China. For the tomb, he ordered 700,000 workers from across the Empire to ensure he had protection after his death.

Sometimes described as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, this unique discovery shows an insight into Chinese mythology of the era as well as how clothes and equipment were made at the time.

Some of the clay warriors have been eroded over time so craftsmen are now recreating the warriors to their exact ancient parameters.