Real Crime: Brand new magazine investigates the world’s most notorious crimes

For some unknown reason we are all inherently fascinated by crime. What goes through the minds of the most feared serial killer or skilled bank robber is something we have all mused over from time to time, we are desperate to know what drives these individuals to act in such a despicable manner, and how they carried out their crimes.

From the notorious serial killers of the Age of Aquarius to the ruthless mob bosses of the Jazz Age and beyond, Real Crime is the first high quality true crime magazine to reveal the untold stories behind the world’s most gripping cases, the breathtaking experiences of investigators and survivors, and blow-by-blow accounts of how lawbreakers were finally brought to justice. This brand new magazine is jam packed with drama, horror, scandal, tragedy and mystery; perfect for fans of True Detective or Broadchurch. What’s really great about this mag is that the incredible stories it features are much better than fiction – they’re REAL.


Mob Vegas preview

Learn how the Mafia influence the gambling scene in Las Vegas.

Real Crime holds nothing back, delivering precise detail of the most evil crimes that will repulse the few but intrigue the masses. No crime is off limits, and no story is too bizarre for this game changing magazine. Issue 1 features the world’s deadliest serial killers, and investigates the damaged psyches of the world’s sickest psychopaths, as well as the Aryan Brotherhood and many more fascinating crime stories.



Real Crime speak to the helicopter pilot who chased O.J. Simpson


Fortunately for you, the wait is over! Real Crime magazine is on sale today, and is available online or in WHSmiths, Sainsburys, and some Asda, Morrisons, Martins and local newsagents! To celebrate the release, it is now possible to subscribe to Real Crime for only £1 for 3 issues, an absolute bargain! This deal expires soon, so hurry!