The Drones Book: Drone technology explained in this brand new bookazine

The Drones Book is a brand new bookazine from the creators of How It Works, and is the ultimate bookazine for anyone interested in one of the most exciting bits of new technology – DRONES. For those looking to buy their first drone, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the best ones on the market, along with simple instructions on how to get up and running and mastering the basics of flying.
Once you’re ready for the next step, discover the amazing things you can do with your drone, from racing to carrying small packages and capturing stunning aerial shots. Find out how drones are changing the world and the incredible ways they are being used today, from fighting fires and aerial reconnaissance to protecting wildlife and delivering emergency supplies.

Find out which drone would suit you best with the helpful guides to the latest models.


On top of all that, discover what the future holds for the next generation of drones, learn to build your own, program a quadcopter with a Raspberry Pi and much more!

The Drones book is now on sale from the Imagine Shop, for the brilliant price of only £9.99!



Drones can open up new ways to explore tricky terrain with ease.

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